My Podcast Project

Title: Podcast Travel Guide

Main objectivestudents become travel journalists and create a series of podcasts to talk 

about the places they visit (descriptions, interviews etc). 

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Class type: young students and adults

Aim: create a travel guide in the form of podcast.

Activity focus: speaking/listening

Time: max 10 minutes

Material: portable MP3 recorder with a microphone


  1. Teacher tells students they will record their travel experiences using a MP3 recorder and a microphone to do that. Then, they will edit the recordings using Audacity, export as MP3 and publish using Podbean. They will share their recordings in their blogs using Blogger.
  2. Student download the Audacity software, signs up to Podbean and create a blog using Blogger.
  3. Teacher shows students how to use Audacity to edit a recording, how to export MP3 files, how to create a Podbean profile to host the recording and how to create a blog using Blogger.
  4. Teacher shows students how to embed audio files in Blogger.
  5. Teacher shows students how to leave a comment in Blogger.
  6. At the end of the project each student should have recorded his/her travel podcast.
  7. Teacher and students will create a a travel guide in the form of podcast, putting all recordings together and publishing them.
  8. The podcast that receives more comments during the project period wins the MP3 recorder used to record podcasts.
  9. Have fun!!!

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